medical insurance

  • The second day of medical insurance negotiation: some rare diseases were discussed, and some representatives said that “the decrease was moderate”

    ,”The pressure on the spot is really great. We can say that we have waited for 10 years for this negotiation.” Today is the second day of the opening of the”2022 National Medical Insurance Drug Catalog Access Negotiation”. The temperature has picked up compared with the first day. The health client reporter of the People’s Daily noticed on the scene that today’s overall rhythm is much faster than yesterday. At about 9:17 on January 6, two enterprise representatives have walked out of the door first, but they walked in a…

    January 6, 2023
  • Hospital advance? Financial support? Who pays for the normalized nucleic acid test after the medical insurance refuses to pay?

    If Medicare refuses to pay, who will pay for large-scale free nucleic acid testing? Text / Xin Ying, Wang xiaoxinna Editor / Wang Xiao Figure / unsplash Recently, a number of media reported that the national medical insurance bureau sent letters to all parts of the country, clearly proposing to include large-scale population nucleic acid testing in medical insurance payment, which does not comply with the provisions of the current medical insurance policy, prohibiting the payment of large-scale population nucleic acid testing fees with medical insurance funds, and requiring relevant…

    May 26, 2022