• Mayan prophecy

    Why did the four prophecies of the Maya come true, except the fifth 2012 The prophecy of the end of the world did not come true. Is it really the Mayan prophecy that went wrong Some people say that in fact, humans are 2012 The previous earth has been restarted after time, and we are reborn in another parallel universe But is that really the case? To clarify this problem, we first understand the Mayan astronomical calendar The Mayan calendar was the most advanced at that time. The year calculated…

    May 26, 2022
  • The ancient Mayans decorated their teeth with precious stones

    A team of experts found ancient Mayan teeth decorated with precious stones. They used a special technique to set gemstones without damaging the teeth. The results of the scientific work are published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: report. Experts have found fossil samples of teeth of ancient civilized residents Based on the analysis of fossils, Maya dentists have a good understanding of anatomy. They can make a hole in their teeth to inlay gemstones without touching the pulp and damaging the teeth. Gemstone decoration can be installed by both…

    May 24, 2022