magnetic pole

  • What happened to the earth’s magnetic pole? Will the world be reversed if the north and south magnetic poles are reversed?

    If one day, when you wake up from sleep and find that the world is upside down, what will you do? Of course, this is unlikely to happen, but scientists warn that something on the earth is turning over. In fact, the world is not really upside down, but the magnetic field. The earth’s poles have just reversed their magnetic charges. What will happen when the earth’s poles are upside down and what will be the impact of mankind? Today, let’s talk about the consequences of magnetic pole reversal! When…

    May 26, 2022 science
  • Is the earth about to reverse its poles? The earth’s magnetic pole is moving and may cross China in the future

    In the universe, the magnetic field is like an umbrella of the earth, which comes from Cosmic high-energy rays and charged particles in the solar wind Beyond the earth’s atmosphere, life is protected. However, in the long history of the earth, the earth’s magnetic field is actually unstable. Every once in a while, its poles will launch and flip, resulting in the exchange of positions between the north and south poles, What will happen to the earth if geomagnetism turns over again in the future A study published in the…

    May 17, 2022 science