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  • On November 28, the live broadcast of the focus match schedule of the World Cup predicted the war report: the draw between Germany and Spain forced Japan to climb the Huashan dangerous road

    According to the Football Federation media Latest war report Japan 0-1Costa Rica Belgium 0-2 Morocco Croatia4-1 Canada Spain 1-1 Germany The latest scoreboard The tournament schedule on November 28 (live broadcast on CCTV5)At 18:00, Cameroon will check whether or not Class=”data color — tt-darkmode-4587ec”>Serbia 21:00 South Korea vs Ghana At 0:00 on the 29thBrazilvs. Switzerland 3:00 Portugal vs Uruguay Comments I always think that 26 people can be registered for the first team, and 5 or more people can be changed for each team in a game. A series of…

    November 27, 2022
  • About wechat live broadcast

    On the personal center page of wechat video ID, select to initiate live broadcast, and set some matters for live broadcast to start live broadcast. The following are the detailed operating steps: Click the video Number After opening the wechat discovery page, click the video number at the top of the page Click the portrait icon above After switching to the wechat video number, click the portrait icon in the upper right corner of the page Click initiate live broadcast to select live broadcast After entering, slide the page upward,…

    May 29, 2022