• What bad habits will shorten one’s life?

    1: Couple life frequently and without restraint. 2: After each couple’s life, immediately smoke a cigarette or take a bath 3: They often have intimate relations with different opposite sex and do not take protective measures. 4: Put your mobile phone beside the pillow when you sleep. 5: Eat midnight snack before going to bed, and have enough to eat. 11: The time of three meals a day is not fixed. 12: Don’t eat breakfast, which will lead to stomach disease. 13: Eating takeout often, the takeout is not clean,…

    January 29, 2023 Q&A
  • When dreams begin to grow old in dreams, what qualifications do we have to talk about life?

    do people remember their dreams when they are middle-aged? tell me about a walk away trip. Are you leaving? go to Xinjiang, visit Ili pasture, sit by Kanas Lake, think about the heavenly palace and Princess Iron Fan on the Flaming Mountain, and then turn into an immortal on the Tianchi Lake. At the edge of the Tarim Basin, you feel the horror of desert, canyon, ancient city and lake. While lamenting that nature favors one over the other, you drink a pot of highland barley wine, taste a cup…

    May 30, 2022 travel
  • The journey of life

    life is like a train. You get off early and get off late. You have to get off early and late. It is mainly a scenic journey along the way

    May 28, 2022
  • This is a strange article: other planets have life

    Do celestial bodies have life on other planets? This is not “ Hearing is false and seeing is true ” The problem is not that the big bang produced a high-temperature split, and all hydrogen and oxygen evaporated rapidly, resulting in the loss of the original signs of life of the celestial body. It is inferred that the life of the celestial body. Does the celestial body have life? How did those lives spread to life on earth? Now we can’t take what we hear as false and what we…

    May 26, 2022
  • In the midst of green water and green mountains, this B & B has the life you yearn for

    The Louguan in May ushered in the beauty of early summer The trees are verdant, fresh and pleasant Summer is coming It’s suitable for looking for a cool place Enjoy the summer time leisurely Find a home stay at this time Have a leisurely life It can’t be more comfortable This guest house in Louguan It’s perfect for you Listen to me Nanshan songshe It is located in Qujiang Louguan ecological and cultural tourism resort It is built according to Qinling Zhongnan mountain range Take pine as the title Located…

    May 25, 2022 travel
  • Can life exist in two dimensions? Scientists have broken through physical limitations

    In 1884, Edwin Abbott, a teacher in an English school, wrote a great story about creatures living in geometric shapes in a two-dimensional world called flat ground. In addition to being a social commentary, it also examines what life will look like from the perspective of two-dimensional sentient creatures. This is an interesting concept. The idea that creatures live in two-dimensional space has always been the scope of science fiction. But from a scientific point of view, will the theory allow? Let’s look at the higher dimensions first Higher dimension…

    May 22, 2022 science
  • Have you ever thought that our life is in simulation? That’s why we’ll never know

    Hello, everyone. This is Beicheng. See the world and share all kinds of novel events. Suppose we build a computer the size of a ridiculous planet &mdash— A computer powerful enough to simulate our entire universe Is everything we know and experience, up to and including reality itself, a simulation created by some invisible and unknowable entities? The idea, known as the simulation hypothesis, was developed by Oxford University Professor Nick Bostrom in 2003 First proposed But Simulation assumptions Does it provide a convincing argument, or is it just food…

    May 16, 2022 science
  • The daughter asked Deng Gong: who do you have the best relationship with in your life? Deng Gong: it’s the three of them

    In the decades when the Communist Party of China led the people’s revolution, many revolutionary comrades established profound revolutionary friendship and comradeship in arms They support each other, climb snow mountains, cross grasslands, and hand over each other’s lives to each other. Such feelings can be described as touching. General Xu Shiyou and lieutenant general Nie Fengzhi, senior general Chen Geng and Lieutenant General Chen Xilian, marshal Peng Dehuai and general Zuo Quan &hellip… There are many such pairs in the history of our party and our army. In the…

    May 11, 2022 military
  • Why is a water purifier necessary for high-quality life?

    In the busy and fast-paced urban life, people’s demand for quality life pays more attention to a healthy lifestyle, and water safety is the basis of a healthy life at home Especially in the old community, the water pipeline laid cannot be cleaned for a long time, and the water tank deposits stains and breeds bacteria, resulting in secondary pollution of the water source Jijia home, which pays attention to the quality of life, knows the importance of water purification in family life and sincerely recommends it in many ways…

    May 10, 2022 digital
  • Minimalist life (109) some things that come to mind after being praised by colleagues

    Someone praised me A colleague of many years, of the opposite sex and a very honest person, passed by at dinner today and suddenly said: why don’t you look old?! The maintenance is so good! My first response was: really? Then, my second reaction is that men also have broken thoughts in their spare time. They may also discuss which women around them look good in clothes, which women don’t look old, and which women age quickly &hellip… Yellow faced woman Coincidentally, today, a female colleague asked me when I…

    May 8, 2022 fashion