• The beautiful legend of Kaolao Mountain Village

    (Correspondent Zhang Demin and Han Yanji) In front of the Yanshan vein in the northeast of Sanhe, there is a village surrounded by mountains in the north, east and south, which looks like a wasteland. It also refers to the container made of wicker, which is shaped like a bucket, also called a fence bucket. Inside the Kaolao, there are plenty of grains, which are shaped like this. It is lucky to go to the Kaolao Mountain, which is famous in ancient times. Kaolao Mountain is a large semicircular space…

    December 22, 2022 travel
  • Legend of magic changed gravel

    From Retro to metamorphosis A little stronger There are people who like to develop old-age care. They can try it. There are various ways to play, and the new area has been opened

    May 9, 2022 game