• The first choice for early red scar removal: PDL laser

    Red congestion is the most important feature of scar growth Hypertrophic scar is the most common complication in patients with burn, trauma and surgery. After wound healing, erythema is formed due to the increase of microvessels, which often shows as red proliferative scars, and then gradually becomes higher and harder! The degree of scar hypertrophy is closely related to the proliferation and expansion of blood vessels. Red congestion is not only the most important feature of scar growth, but also an important target of laser treatment, Dispelling redness is one…

    May 21, 2022 health
  • Localization process of CFBG, a key component of ultrafast laser

    Wen | Lin Qingli, Guo Xiaoyang, Shenzhen University of Technology Femtosecond laser refers to the laser with pulse width of femtosecond (10 ^ – 15 seconds). Due to its extremely high peak power and very short duration, it has broad application prospects in 3C industry (including computer, communication and consumer electronics), additive manufacturing, precision medicine, micro nano processing, ultrafast detection and other fields, as shown in Figure 1. The market scale of ultrafast laser (including femtosecond and picosecond) increases several times higher than the overall growth rate of the laser…

    May 10, 2022 technology