• The Korean lady was “spoiled by the group”. The black-and-white professional style was too sassy, and the double eyelid baby face became the focus

    A woman who lacks self-confidence will never attract others. No power can make a woman look more beautiful than the confidence of beauty. —— (Italian writer) sofiri · Roland Every woman has her own legend and beauty, but we lack the eyes to find beauty. Beauty can be a passionate personality, elegant clothes and internal clarity. However, in Korean style, beauty has become a unified standard and definition. If sun Yizhen’s Fairy Spirit is floating, with that kind of “ Coquettish ” Style, then Quan Zhixian is beautiful and neat,…

    May 13, 2022 fashion
  • If parity anti-aging products rise in June, they can be compared with “Lady price”

    Although I’ve been nagging countless times , The first step of anti-aging and whitening is sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen, But if the classic &mdash— Retinol (i.e. “ vitamin A alcohol ”), Then you can dump others for a few blocks in anti-aging work A alcohol It is the ace ingredient of many anti-aging products and has very good Anti aging, firming skin, conditioning cutin, improving fine lines The efficacy of Store New Lifuquan retinol anti wrinkle eye cream Retinol anti aging essence, I’ve always been super loved Affordable anti-aging products,…

    May 9, 2022 fashion