• Wear these high-grade jewelry in summer to make your clothes more advanced

    In the hot summer, every summer, I believe many fairies will become more picky, because the texture of each item is directly proportional to the degree of beauty, especially the neck should be exposed in summer. If you want to wear more advanced clothes this summer, you can try the combination of simple style. At this time, there are some accessories with advanced sense to improve the overall texture of wearing. Instead of buying a pile of “ One throw ” It’s not as good as looking for jewelry and…

    May 25, 2022
  • How to open the jewelry category of Tiktok store? Why report white? What are the ways of reporting?

    As we all know, the fashion jewelry category used to be an ordinary category, and you can settle in after paying a deposit of 2000 yuan. However, the official of Tiktok has listed it as a directional invitation category since April 16, 2021, that is to say, the jewelry category is no longer open to ordinary merchants. Why? Think about it, what’s the difference between jewelry and jewelry? What’s the logic behind it? The biggest difference between jewelry and jewelry is that the materials are different. More than a dozen…

    May 19, 2022