Jay Chou

  • Jay Chou’s concert was watched by more than 50 million people; Canadian telecommunications system prohibits Huawei ZTE daily

    [Canada prohibits Huawei ZTE from participating in 5g network construction] According to the latest news from Canadian television (CTV) and other Canadian media, the Canadian government; National Security; For this reason, Huawei and ZTE are prohibited from participating in the 5g network construction in Canada. Huawei Canada responded by saying that the company was “ Obviously disappointed ”, But the so-called “ Prohibition ” In fact, it is only aimed at a small and shrinking aspect of Huawei’s business in Canada. (World Wide Web) The license of Beijing laboratory was…

    May 21, 2022 technology
  • Which song do you expect most from the online replay of Jay Chou 520 concert?

    The most precious thing about Jay Chou is that he made many people who didn’t like Chinese pop music at the beginning, such as ” Academic audience ” And ” Only European and American music audience ” They all paid great attention to him, or made a qualitative change in Chinese pop music. Including a considerable number of cross age listeners, such as blue and white porcelain, thousands of miles away, chrysanthemum platform, Dongfeng broken … It has a fairly good degree of transmission among the middle-aged and elderly groups….

    May 20, 2022
  • Jay Chou officially announced the replay concert. Why did Heavenly King finally choose Kunling?

    Jay Chou is back Tencent music official announces Jay Chou “ Magic Tianlun 2013 concert“ Concert ” It will be replayed online. Classic songs such as blue and white porcelain, Qilixiang and double stick will be sung in the concert This is just a replay of previous concerts, and the number of reservations has reached more than 10 million. It can be seen that Jay Chou’s influence is still strong Jay Chou is a musician who has a deep influence on the Chinese music world. He is also the memory…

    May 18, 2022 entertainment
  • Tencent spent a lot of money, and the Jay Chou Concert booked by more than ten million people came

    On May 18, # Jay Chou’s concert was re screened, and the topics related to the official publicity # became hot. The reporter found that Jay Chou “ The surface is the strongest &rdquo“ Devil Tianlun ” The concert will be replayed online. Tencent music said it went online on May 20 “ Magic Tianlun 2013 Concert ”, Launched on May 21 “ Concert ”, Online replays start at 8 p.m. As of press time, more than 10 million people had made reservations for Jay Chou’s online concert According to…

    May 18, 2022
  • Jay Chou was suspected of participating in MLM. The official response: it’s legal distribution

    Some time ago, Zhang Ting was investigated by the prosecution on suspicion of pyramid selling, and his huge assets were frozen, so he had in-depth cooperation with him; Family ” Actor Tao Hong has also been investigated by the police. Tao Hong and Xu Zheng are also deeply involved in the vortex of public opinion, which has been questioned and denounced by netizens. In recent years, the stars in the entertainment industry have repeatedly exposed illegal acts. From the initial endorsement product quality problems that were not handled, they were…

    May 10, 2022 entertainment