Jack Ma

  • The man behind Ma Yun retreated, and the leader of Yintai realized 13 billion yuan at one time

    It is sometimes a kind of wisdom to retreat bravely. The”clearance” exit is Shen Guojun’s choice. Shen Guojun, a friend of Ma Yun and the leader of Yintai Department, changed his style from aggressive attack to”retreat”, which only took more than a year. Was Shen Guojun’s choice influenced by Ma Yun and others? Is Shen Guojun’s choice correct? If you refer to Huang Guangyu and Zhang Dongdong, Shen Guojun’s choice is a reflection of wisdom. If we consider from the perspective of the future, Shen Guojun may have given up…

    December 15, 2022 finance