• Guo Shengbai: Arnebia personality is intestinal. If there is dry stool, you can add Arnebia

    Guo Lao talks about Arnebia 1、 Arnebia personality 1、 Arnebia is intestines, which has Detumescence Ability 2、 Arnebia is also excreted from the intestine, This laver is draining blood , Anemarrhena row is all metabolites, which is a little different 3、 If you have dry stool, you can add 10g, 15g or 20g of Arnebia. It doesn’t matter if you take more or less of this medicine 2、 Compatibility of Arnebia officinalis If you have constipation, use 15g Arnebia and 20g Anemarrhena 3、 Application of Arnebia officinalis 1、 Student: Do…

    May 20, 2022