• Who is more “outspoken” in the Internet companies that spend 300billion a year on R & D?

    Source |tech planet Text | Yangxiaohe In 2022, Internet companies will collectively encounter multiple adverse factors, such as growth idling, cost reduction, and strangulation of China concept shares The financial report released by Alibaba on May 26 brought some good news to the market. Among them, Alibaba cloud’s EBIT profit improved from a loss of RMB 2.251 billion in fiscal year 2021 to a profit of RMB 1.146 billion in fiscal year 2022. This is Alibaba cloud’s first annual profit since its establishment 13 years ago, and it is also…

    May 27, 2022 technology
  • Hot search first! An Internet company that was stolen?

    At 11 a.m. on May 25, the microblog topic # all employees of Sohu encountered wage subsidy fraud # on the top of hot search, and the topic was read more than 100 million times in an hour! An Internet company was cheated by the Internet? It triggered a heated discussion among microblog netizens The Research Institute of the rule of law network found that the origin of the incident is like this. On the afternoon of May 24, Weibo education blogger “ Wang Luobei ” Send a document to…

    May 25, 2022 technology
  • Internet industry slang generator NHR

    An interesting and useless website will generate a common idiom in the Internet industry every time the website is refreshed. The content of production is similar to: “ Through the three board axe disassembly convenience, distribution pattern and layout differentiation, make a combined fist to face the information cocoon room &hellip…”。 Open source: https:// github. com/zhongkai/nhr

    May 7, 2022