• What is Schlieren imaging? What is the scientific principle behind it?

    Have you ever had this experience? When you see your breath, it means that the weather is very cold This is particularly obvious in winter. Your breath is like forming a layer of fog But why can’t you see them in other warm seasons Is there any way we can capture that breath in the picture How can you see and shoot something invisible, such as airflow This has long attracted the interest of scientists studying fluid flow Fortunately, they did find a way to shoot What is Schlieren imaging…

    May 25, 2022 science
  • Live broadcast Preview: tausense — providing a new dimension for fluorescence imaging

    Laser confocal imaging is a very mature technology. With the spectral detection method becoming the mainstream of confocal imaging, multi-color imaging / resolution is becoming more and more mature. Multi-channel resolution by using the different emission spectra of different fluorescent dyes can meet the needs of most cases. However, due to the existence of some fluorescent label combinations with greatly overlapping emission spectra and some spontaneous fluorescence signals, Sometimes the fluorescence intensity can not be used to resolve multiple fluorescent markers. At this time, in addition to the method based…

    May 20, 2022 science