Ice Age

  • Express again! The earth is in the great ice age, such as the weakening of the Atlantic circulation and the sharp cooling of the Northern Hemisphere

    The change of the earth is becoming more and more extreme. Many people are saying that the cooling and heating of our earth seems to have become a”controversial” place. Some say it’s hot, others say it’s cold. Is it getting cold or hot From the general understanding of science, our earth is indeed warming, and the degree of warming is not low. Let’s say 2021 Although the world is affected by La Nina phenomenon, the earth’s temperature is still higher than the average value. In 2020, the global average temperature…

    May 28, 2022 science
  • Encyclopedia of China (2nd Edition) reading notes 3751 – Ice Age

    Ice Age Cold climate and strong glaciation. Also known as the glacial period. The generalized glacial period is called the great glacial period, and the narrow glacial period refers to the glacial period one level lower than the great glacial period. The great ice age refers to the geological period when the climate on the earth is cold, the polar ice sheet is thickened and widely distributed, and there is sometimes strong glaciation in middle and low latitudes. The cold period in the great ice age is called the glacial…

    May 10, 2022 science