• #Talk about the beautiful # autumn scenery of Lingshan in my hometown and Laojun Mountain

    Autumn comes to Laojunshan Laojunshan mountain in autumn, like the five thousand proverbs left by Lao Tzu and the poems of Li Bai and Du Fu in his later years, returns to nature, and the lead is washed away. The dark green mountains dotted with red leaves look from a distance, and even have some unexpected simplicity, some unexpected simplicity. Walk slowly along the mountain road, slowly aftertaste it in the autumn wind, and read it carefully. Gradually you will realize that in autumn, Laojunshan mountain has more charm, the…

    May 25, 2022 travel
  • Hometown, haunted place

    There are countless places a person can go in his life? But there is only one place to go back. The picture comes from network intrusion and deletion The Loess Plateau, which stretches thousands of kilometers, is located in the middle of China. It is towering and spectacular, with thousands of gullies and hundreds of gullies. It is the hometown of Fuxi, the head of the three emperors, and one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization, and I was born here. The picture comes from network intrusion and deletion…

    May 24, 2022 travel
  • The mountains and rivers in my hometown will be a little warm when the fog is diffuse

    Author: Moonlight cooking wine source: Meipian app There are countless peaks in the world &ip… All adjectives can find a relatively equal mountain. Mount Tai, Huashan, Lushan and Huangshan are famous for their majestic, dangerous and beautiful scenery. There are countless nominees and non nominees. The mountain of my hometown runs through the sow mountain because it looks like a lying sow feeding. There is no wonder of famous mountains and rivers, no seclusion of deep mountains and quiet valleys, no dreams shrouded in clouds, and no tour of a…

    May 24, 2022 travel
  • Hometown Caofeidian – Caofeidian painting

    To the 10th anniversary of Caofeidian district. Thinking of this, you must think what are the characteristics of Caofeidian? It must be Fugu wetland, thousands of acres of fertile land, port cargo ships and lighthouse wetland &hellip… It’s a real land of fish and rice! International Children’s Day is dedicated to you from the perspective of children! Talk about Caofeidian with youth painting.

    May 18, 2022