historical figures

  • Who are the top 7 historical figures you admire?

    The seven most appreciated ones are: 1. Chairman Mao Zedong. 2. Premier Zhou Enlai. 3. Commander Zhu De. 4. Chairman Hua Guofeng. 5. Senior Qian Xuesen. 6. Mr. Yuan Longping. 7. Hero Zhang Fuqing.

    February 6, 2023
  • Which historical figures are actually nearly perfect but have a low sense of existence in history? Why?

    Hello, I’m Mei Ziyu Summer. Here I have to talk about one person, General Jude. Ten marshals of the founding of the country, such as Nie Rongzhen, Lin Biao, Peng Dehuai, Chen Yi When we talk about them, we will remember some things, such as: Speaking of General Peng Dehuai, we can’t escape the”Hundred Regiments War” and”Resisting the United States and Aiding Korea”. Mention of Chen Yi reminds me of”Menglianggu Campaign” and”Huaihai Campaign”. When I think of Lin Biao, I think of the picture of the PLA moving across the…

    January 30, 2023