• Explore whether the deepest Mariana Trench in the world is a hell or a monster

    The Mariana Trench, the deepest trench in the ocean, has been formed for more than 60million years. It is located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana Islands in the northeast of the Philippines. It is 2550 meters in length, 70 kilometers wide on average, and 11 kilometers deep. It is the deepest ocean known to the earth. With high water pressure, complete darkness, low temperature, low oxygen content and lack of food resources, it has also become one of the worst areas on earth. If the…

    May 30, 2022
  • Dayong Valley hell

     Dayong Valley hell   when I saw that tomorrow’s trip was to”Dayong Valley hell”, I couldn’t stop asking the guide, shall we go to hell tomorrow? Is it so terrible?  the tour guide is a Singaporean. He speaks fluent but poor Mandarin. He often repeats the minor ones and forgets the important ones. Of course, I can’t tell you anything, but I understand that Dayong Valley is a volcanic site.  Dayong Valley is located in Hakone city in the south corner of East Fuji. It is…

    May 28, 2022