• Hats off! Green on James: He is the best NBA face ever

    During the offseason, many fans began to attack Green’s character after the conflict between the Warriors’ playersand his teammate Poole was disclosed. When it comes to Green, the first reaction of the fans is that his football style is tough. At the same time, his level of spamming and his big mouth in the media are really annoying. In today’s league, there are few players who can convince Green, and James is one of them Recently,Green Update talked about James in the podcast, He said:”He is the best NBA face…

    January 6, 2023 sports
  • Green army 116-108 bucks! The terrible thing is not the last quarter reversal, but Tatum’s words after the game

    In the last game, Tatum, the core of the green army, scored 4 out of 19 and only got a poor 10 points. They also lost to the bucks. Tatum was also questioned after the game. His performance directly brought down the team. Therefore, Tatum’s play in this game is also very important. However, Tatum is still under great pressure in this game. He only got 4 points in the first quarter and only 18 points for the whole team In the second quarter, Tatum was even more depressed. Only…

    May 10, 2022