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  • A rational analysis of why the Celtics are abused by warriors today?

    the Second World War of the series of NBA Finals Celtics vs. warriors has ended, the warriors reached a climax of 35-14 in the third quarter, winning the green army 107-88 at home, rewriting the total score of the series to 1-1 why Celtic lost the game can be analyzed from the following three aspects: 1, several key Celtic players who performed well in the last game were all muted today. The first is Horford, who scored 28 points in the last game and killed the warriors in the fourth…

    June 6, 2022 sports
  • We may have overestimated the Celtics, but you may have underestimated them

    Before today’s first game of the NBA Finals, let’s make one thing clear: our prediction model likes the Boston Celtics very much. (or maybe he just hates Golden State Warriors.) In any case, the model thinks that Boston has an 80% chance to beat the Golden State Warriors to win the championship, which is in sharp contrast to the gambling market. Last week, the gambling market immediately ranked the warriors as the hot team before the series. According to the odds ratio of Kaiser sports magazine, the Golden State Warriors…

    June 2, 2022