• Exploring flowers in Yunnan — dayanlu mountain

    Can be intoxicating Healing It’s Yunnan’s Can taste Collectible It’s Pu’er tea You can forget your worries Or wild It’s the wine from Wa village Can rejoice Can also be gloomy Is a distant home With age Habits and emotions become lazy But no matter how You are the same forever Because this life has you No more lack and regret The best way to love yourself Is to make yourself better The best way to love others Is mutual nourishment and achievement Be content with the present and dream…

    May 22, 2022 travel
  • The three parks in Beijing are connected in a string, and the sea of rape flowers is beautiful. It’s fun to visit them all at once

    Author: Xiao Han In the cloudy and sunny may, when we come outdoors, in the dream valley of nature’s gallery, we gently pull up the flow rhyme of early summer, release our hearts, understand nature and exile life in Tao Ran. Today, we walk into three free parks. They are adjacent and surrounded by mountains. The scenery is better than one. There are not only golden rape flower sea, but also lake water, which is a good place for people to return to nature. Beiwu Park Beiwu park is located…

    May 10, 2022 travel
  • The five “smelly problems” of flower farmers have never been sneaky before. After raising flowers, they have all changed

    I don’t know why. Now more and more people love to raise flowers. I observed the people who love to raise flowers around me and found that after they never love flowers to love to raise flowers, there have been some changes in themselves, some of which may not be found by themselves. I’ll summarize it for you. Can you see if I’m right? First, go out and look at the trash can Once flower friends go out, they may not see the beautiful and handsome men on the side…

    May 7, 2022 home