• Three flights to Moscow were loaded with bombs, and the information was untrue

    On the 16th local time, the Russian government said that three planes flying to Moscow “ Bomb threat ” The information is not true. At present, all aircraft have landed safely and accepted the investigation, and no explosives or detonating devices have been found. Earlier in the day, # Anonymous phone calls said there were bombs on two planes flying to Moscow #。 The crew of an airliner flying from UFA to Moscow also received similar information Source: CCTV military

    May 16, 2022
  • Summary of return flights to Toronto, Canada

    Canada entry relaxation! Not only isolation &hellip… Attention! All passengers in Canada who have been vaccinated with the full dose of the new coronavirus vaccine no longer need it ‼ Submit quarantine plan upon entry – Xiaobian also learned that vaccinated passengers are no longer required to wear masks in public places after entering the country ‼ – Even if there are symptoms, there is no need to report again. If there are fellow passengers with confirmed infection, there is no need to isolate them – With the relaxation of…

    May 10, 2022