• The box office of six films in the Spring Festival is predicted to come out, with “Unknown” at the bottom, and the top stream can not support the box office?

    The Spring Festival Festival is always the place where Chinese movies are competing. Up to now, the films to be released on the New Year’s Day in 2023 have also been finalized, with a total of 6 films. They are respectively Wandering Earth 2, Man Jiang Hong, Unknown, Exchange of Life, Deep Sea, Bears Appear and Appear with Me, Bear Core. From the perspective of the theme, main creators and cast of the six films in the Spring Festival, the overall level is good, and the box office competition is…

    January 6, 2023 health
  • The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Which of the four films released in the “Dragon Boat Festival” in 2022 do you expect most?

    Recently, the youth love film “secret love · orange born in Huainan”, starring Zhang Xueying and Xin Yunlai, has been officially announced and will be released on June 2; Dragon Boat Festival ” When it was released, the news aroused many people’s Puzzlement and heated discussion. Because the film was cancelled 10 days ago due to the epidemic situation, the official announced that it was originally scheduled for May 20 “ 520 Gears ” Release it, and then release it another day. So many viewers thought that the film might…

    May 25, 2022 entertainment
  • Observation on the evolution of etching characteristics on polycrystalline ZnO: Al films

    ZnO It is a wide band gap semiconductor that can be doped with transparent conductive oxide (TCO) for inorganic and organic photovoltaic devices. In order to better understand the corrosion process of ZnO films, warringkona found a method to rearrange the corrosion steps by atomic force microscope (AFM). Using this method, the development of HCl corrosion on polycrystalline ZnO films was observed. The results show that this observation method does not change the etching behavior, Stopping and restarting etching also did not change the erosion points, indicating that HCl erosion…

    May 9, 2022