• Dark light year features

    Considering that dark Lightyear is based on tradition “ Dragons and Dungeons ” (DND) is a mobile game with the era background of game worldview, so it continues the pure dark blood in terms of painting style, and the processing of game interface is more real, richer and more contemporary. The magnificent King capital, the unpredictable depths of the dense forest and the bloody battles will be displayed in the dark light year, which will give users a strong visual touch. In order to enable users to feel the impact…

    May 10, 2022
  • The face has the following four features, indicating that you are an advanced face

    Advanced face refers to a recognizable face, an image with unique temperament and strong aura If your face has the following characteristics, you may be an advanced face! 1. Strong sense of facial bones The facial bones are obvious, and the cheekbones are on the high side. When it comes to advanced face, we must say bone appearance. The facial contour is clear, there are cheekbones, and the overall face shape has a strong three-dimensional sense. It should not be too soft or round. Therefore, square face and diamond face…

    May 10, 2022 fashion