• Add material to the dressing, which is indispensable for the effective dressing of slightly fat girls?

    How do obese girls wear when they go out in summer? Super in skirt, neutral street style, or follow Hailey and Bella to learn how to wear it? in fact, there is really no specific standard. After all, everyone’s body shape and proportion are different. A sister who fits a tight skirt doesn’t necessarily fit the street style, and vice versa. However, as long as the slightly overweight girls add some materials to their clothes, the whole temperament and body shape will really change qualitatively! that is the more and…

    May 29, 2022
  • Is it really unhealthy to be fat? It has something to do with age

    with the development of economy and society, people’s living standards are improving day by day, and the incidence of obesity is also increasing. Therefore, we often see such a figure in social life. obesity is a kind of disease, belonging to one of the metabolic syndrome. It can not only affect people’s appearance, but also affect people’s health. With the continuous improvement of people’s health care awareness, various weight-loss drugs, weight-loss food and weight-loss training methods emerge in endlessly. In the Tang Dynasty, being fat was the beauty, but now…

    May 28, 2022 fitness
  • Fat people should supplement vitamin C, and fat will “steal” nutrition a little

    What problems does “obesity” bring? Eat more than others, starve faster than others, and even lose nutrients more than others “ Ruthless &rdquo…… A new study published in the American Journal of nutrition found that overweight and obese people need to eat more vitamin C to achieve the same effect as thin people (plasma vitamin C concentration is similar). Why are fat people more prone to malnutrition? Life times (Search “ lt0385 ” in wechat to follow) Interview nutrition experts to teach you to make up for the lost nutrition….

    May 26, 2022 health
  • No matter how you eat, you are not afraid of fat food! If you want to lose weight, you must see

    Many people who lose weight Will enter a misunderstanding I think I’m afraid of being fat In fact, there are a lot of food No matter how you eat, you’re not afraid of being fat Forward the collection quickly In the process of losing weight The only thing that doesn’t limit intake is Vegetables Like tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, lettuce, white gourd The vegetables themselves are low in calories And consuming these vegetables also needs to consume more calories If you’re losing weight Hunger is more obvious You can eat…

    May 17, 2022
  • 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calories? Can you really “lie thin” by eating these things?

    Summer is coming, the horn of weight loss is sounded Many people began to “ Burn calories ” However, some people don’t pay attention to their diet during weight loss Blindly eat diet food On the contrary, they are getting fatter and worse Don’t fall into the misunderstanding of diet Xiao Wu, a college student, told reporters that when he lost weight, he only ate an apple every morning, didn’t eat lunch, and only ate yogurt and tomatoes for dinner. For more than a month, she lost some weight, but…

    May 17, 2022 fitness
  • Huo Siyan is so fat! Her face is twice as big as Tong Liya. Chen Sicheng is black and fat at the two parties

    Since Huo Siyan became a rich woman at home, her figure has obviously become fat and fat. For Huo Siyan’s height and figure, it’s a fashionable insulator. It can also be seen that she is also trying to concave shape. Every time she shows up, the matching of private clothes has become a bright spot. After all, stars with heavy idol burden pay special attention to their appearance and appearance. When a woman reaches middle age, her figure is also difficult to control. If she is careless, she can easily…

    May 17, 2022 entertainment
  • Chen Chong has a rare rollover. He is too luxurious to look straight up and down, but his clothes can’t cover up the fat

    Female stars always like to dress up brightly, not only for a good mood, but also for more resources. After all, to show the diversity of images is to determine whether they have plasticity. Therefore, Chen Chong, a middle-aged man, picked up the sign of temptation again and boldly chose a set of clothes with the most exposed meat, which has a strong aestheticism. However, there is too much fat on the body. Although it shows the charm of style, it looks like a pregnant woman without the shape of…

    May 16, 2022 fashion
  • Why do you get fat as soon as you eat, and some people won’t get fat anyway?

    Xiao Chen is very upset recently. Recently, he often goes out with his girlfriend and has a big meal with her every date. Xiao Chen’s girlfriend likes to eat and can eat very much. Every time she sees her girlfriend’s appetite so good, Xiao Chen will eat a lot every time. However, in half a month, Xiao Chen has grown five or six kilograms of meat. He found that he has gained weight with the naked eye. But Xiao Chen’s girlfriend is still very hot, and her weight hasn’t changed…

    May 13, 2022 fitness
  • 07 | recognize fat

    Many people think that eating fat meat or too oily food is easy to get fat, which is right. Because 1g fat Yes 9 kcal heat , More than twice as much as carbon, water and protein! But if you don’t eat fat at all in order to lose weight, there’s a problem. Because fat not only stores and provides energy to the body, but also affects Endogenous hormone environment ( not eating fat will affect the absorption and metabolism of fat soluble vitamins, endocrine disorders, affect health ). Fat…

    May 12, 2022 fitness
  • Two best times to eat snacks without getting fat

    During weight loss, the desire to eat snacks is constant. If there are extreme mandatory restrictions, there is likely to be overeating, which is extremely unfavorable to weight loss. Therefore, don’t blindly avoid snacks during weight loss, and choose the right time to eat some snacks, which will not affect weight loss, but also reduce dietary desire and ensure better progress and persistence of weight loss The first time you can eat snacks is around 10 a.m. Two hours after breakfast, the blood glucose level slowly returns to a stable…

    May 11, 2022