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  • I’ve done it now! Easy to share with eye cream, stay up late party must see

    I’ve done it now! Easy to share with eye cream Stay up late party must see Oh I’ve always been diligent in skin care They say eye cream is useless But I always insist on skin care and eye cream I feel really much better around my eyes now # Easy to use eye cream # eye cream sharing

    May 17, 2022 fashion
  • Refreshing skin care in summer — Zheng Mingming eye cream made in China. Who has used Zheng Mingming eye cream

    Having escaped the changeable spring, the early summer has quietly arrived. How’s your skin? Most people think that if the temperature rises in summer and the air moisture is enough, the face will not be dry, so they won’t protect their skin. It’s a big mistake! Although summer is not winter, the ultra strong direct sunlight will accelerate the aging of the eye skin and the fine lines around the eyes will appear frequently. However, those with oily skin don’t like to use too greasy skin care products, so I…

    May 10, 2022