• The first book of World Encyclopedia (Hainan), the 9th word Apollo program, the 10th word Aberdeen

    According to the World Encyclopedia, Apollo program was the moon landing program completed by the United States in the 0-70’s of the 20th century. After the Saturn V carrier rocket put the spacecraft into the lunar orbit, the lunar module separated from the spacecraft, carried the astronauts to the moon, and then returned to the lunar orbit to combine with the Apollo spacecraft. During a launch exercise, the spacecraft caught fire and killed three astronauts. After four successful manned flight tests, July 1969 “ Apollo 11 ” After landing on…

    May 23, 2022
  • Reading notes of Encyclopedia of China (2nd Edition) – 4039 Bose Einstein condensation

    Bose Einstein condensation; BEC For an ideal gas with Bose Einstein statistics and total particle number conservation, there is a very low but non-zero transition temperature , When the temperature is below The phenomenon that a limited percentage of the total number of particles (macro number) will gather on the lowest energy state of a single particle. This is the theoretical prediction made by A. Einstein in 1925 when he extended the method proposed by S. Bose to deal with blackbody radiation (photon gas) to experimental particle ideal gas. It…

    May 18, 2022 science
  • Encyclopedia of China (2nd Edition) reading notes 3751 – Ice Age

    Ice Age Cold climate and strong glaciation. Also known as the glacial period. The generalized glacial period is called the great glacial period, and the narrow glacial period refers to the glacial period one level lower than the great glacial period. The great ice age refers to the geological period when the climate on the earth is cold, the polar ice sheet is thickened and widely distributed, and there is sometimes strong glaciation in middle and low latitudes. The cold period in the great ice age is called the glacial…

    May 10, 2022 science