• Exposed that many employees of Lvjun were infected with Xinguan! Simat’s target G2 returned, and Rowe responded that his knee was not injured

    On May 19, Beijing time, the Celtic dongjue G2 injury report was updated. According to Chris Haynes, smart’s goal is to return dongjue G2, while hofford G2 is unlikely to return; Rowe revealed that he was not injured, and the end of G1 was just due to leg cramps In the G1 of the East showdown series, smart (sprained midfoot) and Horford (health and safety agreement) were both absent. The Celtics had the upper hand in the first half, but suddenly lost in the second half. In the third quarter,…

    May 18, 2022 sports
  • Why do Ali employees use flower names?

    Anyway, I’ve always wanted to use the flower name, because I didn’t take the real name, which is completely against my taste. I use flower names in social occasions such as QQ, wechat and nailing (Zhihu is not the same as QQ trumpet. I – always treat Zhihu as an anonymous community rather than social use, just like QQ trumpet). When the company began to use nails, it asked to use its real name. I said I couldn’t change it. I said I had used nails for a long time….

    May 17, 2022