• Good things out of the box | display color calibrator red spider spyderx elite experience

    Preface: Before, I always wanted to have my own color calibrator. I need to use a color calibrator to test the laptop screen and monitor, so as to bring more useful new product test sharing and cost-effective product recommendations to my fans. I chose the cost-effective Starscream spyderx elite Why don’t I rent a colorimeter It’s not cost-effective to rent a color calibrator. I have to use it many times. Each time the rent is accelerated, the fee will be at least 100 yuan. If I use it more than…

    May 30, 2022 digital
  • The people’s Liberation Army dispatched in multiple ways, and the Liaoning warship battle group turned its direction. To the east of Taiwan Island, elite gathered

    Recently, under the combination of a series of factors such as the continuous spillover of the negative impact of the Russian Ukrainian conflict and the attempt of extraterritorial countries to stir up the regional situation, the whole Asia Pacific is facing new waves. In this new and sensitive context, any disturbance from all parties in the region may attract high attention from the outside world. Among them, after entering may, the latest trend of the Liaoning ship of the Chinese navy has focused the attention of the surrounding parties. Based…

    May 9, 2022 military