• “Einstein’s telescope” perspective Galaxy halo

    With the help of gravitational lens or “ Einstein telescope; With the help of, astronomers discovered a distant galaxy, which looks like a dazzling “ Space ring;, The large Atacama millimeter and submillimeter radio telescope matrix (ALMA) shows high-resolution images, and astronomers have witnessed the “ Lord of the rings;. The two distant galaxies in a row form a strange ornamental pattern, and the galaxies with ring structure show a strong visual impact, which is very rare in previous space observations. The principle of gravitational lens well explains the singularity…

    May 17, 2022
  • According to Einstein’s theory, when flying at the speed of light beyond 2242 light-years, can you see Qin Shihuang ascend the throne?

    Overview Einstein, the great God of physics, is self-evident in the progress of human science. In his book special relativity, it is clearly mentioned that the upper limit of the speed of transmitting information in the universe is the speed of light, about 300000 kilometers per second , If there is a sudden explosion on the moon one day, it will take us at least 1.26 seconds to see the photons carrying the information of the moon explosion fly directly to the earth From this concept, The moon seen in…

    May 17, 2022 science