• Study of Ancient Egyptian History: What was the early Mamluk army that was brave and good at fighting?

    Years of fighting between Mongolia’s Western Expedition and the Mamluk Army. In 1259, Mongolian troops crossed the Euphrates River and attempted to occupy it Mongolia’s Western Expedition Army captured Aleppo in January 1260. In February 1260, Damascus was occupied, and Mongolian troops attacked Gaza and Hebron. At this time, Cairo seemed to be within the reach of Mongols. Although the Baibals Sultan of the Mamluk Dynasty and his opponent, Kufuz Ofigpute, were fierce opponents at that time, they realized the seriousness of the Mongolian army’s westward expedition at the same…

    January 6, 2023 history
  • Egyptian jewelry brand Azza Fahmy | manual perforation process

    Egypt jewelry brand &ahmedot; Fahmi is characterized by its complex manual perforation technology and inspired by 7000 years of history and modern culture, bringing unique handmade jewelry to the world. The biggest feature of Azza Fahmy jewelry is the combination of gold and silver. The manual skills inherited from the craftsman masters of the ancient Ottoman Empire, filigree technology and manual perforation technology, with slightly exaggerated shapes, make each piece of manual jewelry show the ruggedness and boldness of the ancient Ottoman Empire. Turning complex patterns into wearable art requires…

    May 23, 2022 fashion