• Is there a chicken or an egg first? Chinese Academy of Sciences: 610million years ago, fossils gave the answer, eggs first

    most people have been obsessed with this problem, is there a chicken or an egg first? For thousands of years, people have been arguing about this, and each has its own view people who think that chickens first mean that a species must have parents first; People who think that eggs first mean that only eggs can hatch the first chicken, and then the chicken can reproduce eggs However, it is easy to find that there are problems with both of these views. If the chicken first appeared, where did…

    May 30, 2022 science
  • Chicken or egg first?

    “Chicken or egg” is an old debate puzzle, which was first put forward by ancient Greek philosophers. It is also very common in the real world. The occurrence of one event is often caused by another event, that is, there is a causal relationship between events. However, in the quantum world, the two events of”cause” and”effect” can cause and effect each other at the same time, that is, the event as”result” can also lead to the event as”cause”. Recently, this uncertain causal order has been proved by physicists through experiments….

    May 28, 2022
  • The scientific community has given the answer whether there is a chicken or an egg first. Do you agree?

    I wonder if you have ever thought about such a question: is it the first chicken or the first egg? It’s definitely a question that can make you dizzy. Is it chicken or egg? If it was a pre-existing chicken, where did the chicken come from? If there were eggs first, who laid them? In fact, there is an answer now, but there are still countless scholars arguing about it. Is it really that complicated? Follow cocoa and see what’s going on! At present, the reply given by the scientific…

    May 18, 2022
  • Is there a chicken or an egg in the world? Scientists finally gave the answer

    Is there a chicken or an egg in the world? If there were chickens first in the world, but chickens were hatched from eggs, but if there were eggs first in the world, the eggs were born by chickens, which seems to be a very contradictory problem. This problem has perplexed mankind for thousands of years. It has not only baffled the ancients, but also a large number of modern scientists. Finally, after years of research, scientists finally gave the answer. Today, let’s explore it together. Maybe we were wrong…

    May 17, 2022