Dragon Boat Festival

  • The Ministry of culture and tourism issued travel tips for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

    As the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming, the Ministry of culture and tourism reminds tourists that the epidemic prevention and control will not be relaxed during the travel period, and safety and civilization will be kept in mind 1、 Arrange the trip reasonably. Before traveling, tourists should pay attention to the epidemic situation and changes in medium and high risk areas, and do not travel to medium and high risk areas. Inquire about the opening and flow restriction measures of the scenic spot through authoritative channels, especially the measures…

    May 30, 2022
  • The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Which of the four films released in the “Dragon Boat Festival” in 2022 do you expect most?

    Recently, the youth love film “secret love · orange born in Huainan”, starring Zhang Xueying and Xin Yunlai, has been officially announced and will be released on June 2; Dragon Boat Festival ” When it was released, the news aroused many people’s Puzzlement and heated discussion. Because the film was cancelled 10 days ago due to the epidemic situation, the official announced that it was originally scheduled for May 20 “ 520 Gears ” Release it, and then release it another day. So many viewers thought that the film might…

    May 25, 2022 entertainment
  • The benefits of the Dragon Boat Festival are coming! Colorful Guizhou cultural tourism consumption coupons were issued on time at 10:00 on May 25

    On May 24, the reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Department of culture and tourism that in order to continuously stimulate the consumption economy of Guizhou culture and tourism, drive the travel in and around the province, and let more tourists experience the beautiful scenery and delicious food in Guizhou during the Dragon Boat Festival, the Guizhou culture and Tourism consumption voucher was launched again at 10:00 on May 25, 2022 In the new round of coupon issuance activities, more merchants participate in the activities, with greater incentives and richer…

    May 24, 2022