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  • Lijiaqi 6.18 is over! Let’s see if these “garbage” domestic products are hoarded

    the final payment will be made soon let’s find out and fill the gaps there are too many skin care products on the market now do you know how to choose your own skin care products I have sorted out some skin care products that are good for my own use today they are small and cost-effective 618 brothers can stock up flush like ORF oxygen Facial Cleanser oil control cleanser recommended by lijiaqi the skin is no longer oily after use foam is very comfortable on the face run…

    May 30, 2022 fashion
  • 67billion yuan has become “chicken feather on one ground”! The rise of domestic products is irresistible, and Gou’s dream finally wakes up

    after 2010, as Foxconn’s mobile phone assembly industry was launched in many provinces and cities in Chinese Mainland, and apple placed the assembly orders of mobile phones, iPads and even computers to Foxconn, China’s local electronics industry has ushered in a wave of rapid growth. From mobile phone packaging boxes to speakers, mobile phone display screens, chips and even today’s memory, China has gradually formed its own localization advantages, It has established the most perfect industrial chain in the world.

    May 29, 2022