• According to the analysis of human DNA information, Sumerians come from East Asia

    source of Sumerian population: the source of Sumerian population can be analyzed by using DNA information. by analyzing the DNA research data of relevant regions of Sumerians, the ancestors of Sumerians should belong to haplogroup CT (p143), and the mutation markers identifying haplotype CT are M168 and m294, which may have appeared in Asia or Africa 88000 years ago. obviously, Asia is the key analysis area for the origin of Sumerians. According to human genetic history, k-m2313 should be closely related to Sumerian population. Furthermore, Sumerians should be no-214 branch….

    May 28, 2022
  • Scientists see more DNA components in meteorites, driving the theory of wild life on earth

    We are all composed of Stardust, or more specifically, Stardust is built on an asteroid and then hit the earth like a meteorite The closer we look at these rocks, the more we can believe that the components of life are planted on earth by hitchhiking on space rocks. Using state-of-the-art ultra-high resolution equipment, scientists have identified important components of DNA and RNA in meteorites, including those missing from previous analysis Their discovery drives the pan sperm theory, which suggests that life or its components may fly in space, just…

    May 19, 2022