• About not having dinner

    As for not having dinner, I’ll talk about my own experience. It’s just my personal experience and point of view. Don’t spray if you don’t like it! I haven’t eaten dinner for eight years. It’s not because you’re too fat and need to lose weight, nor do you treat yourself thrifty, but based on health considerations. I’ve always believed that illness comes from the mouth. It’s easy to eat it. Spitting out may be injury and pain. As a person gets older, his body is going downhill, and his gastrointestinal…

    May 20, 2022 fitness
  • Does it really matter whether you have dinner or not? Three kinds of food are not suitable for dinner. Healthy dinner is exquisite

    The hot summer is coming. I’m going to take out my little skirt for a winter and plan to put on a beautiful makeup, and then have a sweet date with my future partner. As a result, a lump of meat can’t get down or up in the zipper. It’s really worrying; I knew I would eat less at night” Many girls who are eager to lose weight simply don’t eat dinner. Anyway, they go to bed after a while. Even if they are hungry, they don’t feel hungry. They…

    May 19, 2022 fitness
  • Don’t eat dinner all year round? Do you live to make yourself weak?

    Everyone is talking about how people who don’t eat dinner all year round are doing? Some say it will disturb the sleep cycle, muscle atrophy, gallbladder injury, and accelerate aging I want to say, isn’t it fragrant to live well? Why bother yourself Chinese people have always attached great importance to dinner. After a hard day outside, when they come back in the evening, the family prepares the best dishes and enjoys them beautifully. While enjoying the delicious food, they also have the warm company of their families, which is…

    May 17, 2022
  • If you don’t eat dinner for a long time, you may have these six effects in addition to losing weight

    Introduction: Nowadays, this society takes thin as the beauty, and losing weight has become the lifelong career of many female friends. Moreover, we have a careful observation. It is precisely those women who are not particularly fat who shout to lose weight every day in life. Losing weight needs to be rational and don’t blindly follow the trend Let’s take a look at this table first. What’s your weight Have you reached your weight? If your figure meets the standard, then we should not lose weight blindly. If you lose…

    May 7, 2022 fitness