• Full combustion power is not perfect? The necessity of power transformation for our next type of Destroyer / frigate

    052 missile destroyer is the first destroyer in the Chinese navy to use diesel fuel alternative power unit. It has been steadily advancing since its design in the mid-1980s. Up to now, the latest 052d improved type still continues this structure. Previously, due to the limitation of domestic technology, the destroyer power only had steam power with mature technology but backward performance. Since the 1970s, gas turbine, a new generation of power device with small volume, light weight, high power and high degree of automation, has been put into use,…

    May 30, 2022 military
  • From alert, to jealous, to ignoring, do we really have the confidence to look down on the Burke class destroyer

    When it comes to the powerful US Navy, the Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a full load displacement of nearly 100000 tons is the absolute core, while the Burke class missile destroyer with a full load displacement of nearly 10000 tons is also an indispensable and important cornerstone. In addition to being a knifed escort of Nimitz class aircraft carriers, Burke class missile destroyers are often sent alone to hot waters to take a wave of cat steps and show their strong muscles to neighboring countries, reminding everyone…

    May 23, 2022 military