• It’s not that the child doesn’t make progress. It may be suffering from anxiety or depression. We should understand and solve it

    Have you taught your children a lot of truth that they just don’t like learning? Do you give your child enough love, and the child is ungrateful? In fact, you just didn’t realize that the child may be suffering from anxiety disorder and depression, and he or she can’t help himself or herself. Many parents usually don’t think much of this problem. If children really suffer from anxiety and depression, they can not concentrate on learning and understanding their parents’ good intentions, but may also have more serious extreme consequences….

    November 27, 2022
  • Three types of people with high incidence of depression

    I: female. Statistics show that the incidence rate of depression in women is almost twice that in men, which may be due to the physiological characteristics of women. Most girls have sex in the physiological period, perinatal period , perimenopause has psychological reactions such as bad mood and excessive tension to varying degrees. II: the elderly. Changes in living environment and rhythm after retirement, decline in physical function,”a series of problems with grandchildren”, departure of partners, empty nesters, etc. Depression in the elderly also increases the risk of dementia. III:…

    May 28, 2022