• How to choose the top ten brands of dehumidifiers? Recommended dehumidifier

    Now many high-quality dehumidifiers on the market can not only dehumidify, but also dry clothes or purify the air. Their functions are still diverse. Therefore, many friends are also willing to buy a dehumidifier with good performance Household dehumidifier can effectively remove moisture in humid air and maintain a dry and comfortable indoor environment Dehumidifiers commonly used in families are condensing dehumidifiers, and their characteristics are also very obvious It is characterized by small volume, low noise and power saving So how to choose dehumidifier? What are the top ten…

    May 24, 2022 digital
  • It can quickly and intelligently dehumidify the whole house. What about the Mijia intelligent dehumidifier 22L?

    Recently, it has been raining continuously. In addition, the humidity in Sichuan Basin is heavy, and the humidity is basically more than 60%. All kinds of things at home also begin to get moldy. Sometimes it is difficult to see the sun for a long time, and the bedding also begins to get damp. Compared with air conditioning dehumidification, the dehumidifier should be simpler and more efficient. Therefore, I started with a small, non occupied, mobile and more rapid intelligent dehumidification of the whole house. What is the performance of…

    May 23, 2022 digital