• After 2000, teenagers spent four years traveling in nine countries

    One person, one bicycle, spent 80000 yuan in four years and traveled to nine countries. How many young people have realized their dreams when they were young. His name is Hu Yuanxing. In 2016, he was also an apprentice in a barbershop. One day he talked about his dream while drinking and chatting with his friend. His friend suddenly said he wanted to ride to Tibet. The two poor boys hit it off at once. After saving two years’ money, they bought two second-hand bicycles and set off. They had…

    May 25, 2022
  • Rich countries are dividing up space and wealth

    Satellites help to transmit Internet and television, which is the core of GPS. They make modern weather forecasts more accurate, help scientists track environmental degradation, and play a great role in modern military technology. Countries that do not have their own satellites to provide these services depend on other countries. For those who want to develop their own satellite infrastructure, as space is filled, there are few options. Geostationary orbit, that is, the satellite stays above a point on the earth’s equator, is very valuable. However, the space in this…

    May 18, 2022
  • How scary is the Amazon rainforest? It spans eight countries and accounts for half of the world’s rainforests

    There are many forbidden areas for human beings in the world. These places either have poor ecological environment or many extreme climates. Once people enter, they may encounter dangers, such as unable to find a way, unable to stand bad weather, accidentally encounter swamps, etc. In short, there is a smell of death. There is such a place, vibrant, also known as the lung of the earth, green paradise, but it has been included in the list of human forbidden areas. It is the Amazon rainforest, a place full of…

    May 11, 2022