• IOS 16 is coming! Apple released wwdc22 official invitation in the early morning: in place on the code

    In the early morning of May 25, apple issued an official invitation to wwdc22, Officially announced the online conference time &mdash— Starting at 1 a.m. Beijing time on June 7, the theme is “ Code in place ”, The latest software and technology released by Apple will be displayed. From the poster of this invitation letter, the side faces of five developers with different colors are very conspicuous. Does it imply that five products will be released this time? Or will products like the iPhone have five colors One of…

    May 24, 2022 digital
  • Xiaomi 12s Pro appears in the code and is equipped with Tianji 9000. Is Lei Jun going to realize the wishes of netizens?

    According to the disclosure, two versions of Qualcomm Xiaolong and Tianji will appear in Xiaomi 12s pro. At this stage, the processor model of Qualcomm Xiaolong version is temporarily unknown, but the CPU probability of Tianji version is Tianji 9000. It is also one of the best CPUs evaluated by users at this stage. In addition, Xiaomi 12s Pro will be equipped with a micro curved screen of about 6.73 feet, made of Samsung E5 material and suitable for 2K screen resolution. Meanwhile, Xiaomi 12s Pro will be embedded with…

    May 9, 2022