• When buying clothes, first look at the label, and then you can see if the clothes are from a regular manufacturer

    Some people like to look at signs when buying clothes, while some people don’t look at signs when buying clothes. I don’t look at the sign because there is a suggested retail price on the sign. When I see this, I deny all the contents on the sign. In fact, when you buy clothes, you still need to look at the signs. Because the country has attached great importance to this aspect, especially the sampling inspection of clothes. Many clothes fail to pass the sampling inspection because the labels are…

    November 1, 2022 fashion
  • What clothes do 50 year old women wear in summer?

    every time I see backstage fans’ comments saying that \50, what clothes to wear is suitable for this age \a>, today I will collect fashionable and beautiful clothes and skirts, It is very suitable for 50 year old middle-aged women. It is elegant, decent and very young. Second: recommended combination of 50 year old women’s summer tops and pants Polka Dot silk shirt + jeans + Black loafers it is a very fashionable suit for aging, elegant and capable. checkered V-neck Top + off white pipe pants + thick heel…

    May 28, 2022 fashion
  • A good choice of business clothes naturally leads to a return rate

    Many women are very successful in their careers, and when it comes to dressing to show their temperament, business dress is undoubtedly one of them. In work and social occasions, many female friends usually choose professional clothes to show their respect for work. Black short skirt is the most common collocation in professional wear. The collocation of high waist skirt will make the overall body curve very elegant. Coupled with women’s temperament, it will look fashionable and beautiful as a whole. In today’s fashion, silk stockings play an important role,…

    May 21, 2022 fashion
  • From Wujing brand national clothes to Gucci United ride, what changes has the bordered sportswear experienced?

    Sports style has lasted for a long time over the years, and the most popular sportswear in China is the green sportswear in Wu Jing’s expression bag. Even later, the Korean TV series squid game also adopted a similar fashion design This kind of lace sportswear, due to its high comfort and the influence of modern fashion culture, has quietly changed from simple sportswear in the 1960s to fashion works. Especially after Adidas and Gucci joined together, it has pushed the lace sportswear to a climax and added a lot…

    May 18, 2022 fashion
  • Sister sa me! Liu Wen always surprises me. Neutral clothes are not greasy and can be used for reference

    Liu Wen is an out and out fashion queen. Whether it’s a runway show or a street, she can always catch our eyes and get more applause with a simple and comfortable match. However, why can Liu Wen’s collocation always lead the fashion In fact, it is not so much to lead the fashion as to optimize the treatment. It is reasonable and appropriate, which is worth learning from. In fact, if you want to understand Liu Wen’s wearing wisdom, you need to look at Liu Wen’s neutral outline. Liu…

    May 18, 2022 fashion
  • Women around the age of 60: what clothes to wear and what clothes not to touch? Wrong clothes are ugly and have no temperament

    With the development of fashion, many people realize that learning to dress is a shortcut to improve their personal image and be beautiful forever. Many people also began to share their daily collocation on the Internet, but we can find that there is still a big gap in the collocation of mothers at the same age of about 60. It can be seen that for the mother generation, it is not just the love of beauty and the courage to try to become beautiful. You also need to choose the…

    May 18, 2022 fashion
  • A recent photo of 43 year old Chen Hao in Chinese opera class was exposed. He was wearing simple clothes, with a plain face and white to shiny skin

    Recently, a recent photo of 43 year old actress Chen Hao in Chinese opera class was exposed on the Internet, which quickly attracted everyone’s onlookers. Now that she has ceased to be a teacher of Chinese opera, she is still glowing in places we can’t see. At that time, Chen Hao sat on the podium, tied his hair at will, wore the simplest sweater and black orbit glasses, without any makeup on his face, and showed up directly, which was more simple and low-key than we thought. It’s just that…

    May 18, 2022 entertainment
  • There’s no need to buy new clothes with it. It’s really a “fairy piece”! Save you who don’t know how to dress

    In fact, there is no shortage of clothes in our wardrobe, but women are still keen to buy clothes, because those clothes will be tired after wearing for a long time. The key is that there are always several ways of dressing, which is not fresh. Therefore, as long as the clothes in the wardrobe can show a new side, the girls will continue to wear them and will not always think about buying new clothes. What a good idea. Then, you must take a look at our content here…

    May 17, 2022 fashion
  • How do jeans look good? Master these three collocation rules to make you wear high-level clothes

    In the eyes of some people, jeans used to be a rotten Street item, but in the eyes of some girls, jeans are an artifact of our daily matching. When you don’t know what to wear, you’ll never make a mistake with a concave pair of jeans. In addition, there are many popular jeans styles now. You don’t have to worry about not having clothes to wear. Maybe you can see how these classic jeans match more fashionable. In particular, the following three dress rules are worth learning and can…

    May 16, 2022 fashion
  • Men should dress decently at 40. Try to avoid these four kinds of “clothes” in summer, which are cheap and greasy

    It is said that men have forty-one flowers, but this flower must have a suitable outfit. If the clothes are not well chosen, it is Proper “ Oil ” Cauliflower Men over the age of 40 are at the age of testing their clothes. What they most want to show to the outside world is their mature, stable and capable side. This is reflected in not only choosing the right clothes, but also paying attention to matching, and choosing tonal and connotative pieces, It is more important to avoid minefields…

    May 10, 2022 fashion