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  • Where do you go on the Dragon Boat Festival? Not many people know about these places in China, and they have broken the world record

    Many people choose to travel because their holidays are limited and reward themselves in time; There are also many people who choose not to travel because they are all together, and in the end all the scenery is left “ People;. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or a dead house, here is a travel list, which is definitely worth writing down in a small notebook. Because these places have not only broken world records, but also few people know Lijiang is the largest 3D painting in Yunnan/ h1> The…

    May 18, 2022 travel
  • What places in China are suitable for romantic honeymoon travel for newlyweds?

    Travel and vacation with your lover immediately after the wedding, as the beginning of love and growing old together. People call the first month after marriage ” Honeymoon &quote” Honeymoon ” The word

    May 18, 2022 travel
  • How many of the ten most beautiful grasslands in China and summer resorts have you clocked in

    Do you know where the ten grasslands in China are distributed? How many places have you been Inner Mongolia · Hulunbuir grassland Hulunbuir prairie, located in the west of Daxinganling in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia, is a world-famous natural pasture and one of the three famous grasslands in the world. It is known as the world’s beautiful garden. The name of Hulunbuir prairie originates from the two surrounding rivers, Hulun Lake and Beier lake. It is a must punch in scenic spot when you first arrive in Inner Mongolia. The…

    May 11, 2022 travel
  • China’s top ten most beautiful urban parks are most suitable for leisure parent-child tours. See how many you have been to

    Urban parks are an important part of the urban ecological environment. In order to meet the needs of urban residents for leisure and entertainment, flower appreciation, morning exercise and various activities, there are many urban parks in China that are open to the public free of charge, but for urban scenic spots and parks, fees are required. Do you know where the top ten urban parks in China are located, and how many times have you punched in Nanjing · Xuanwu Lake Park Xuanwu Lake Park, located in Xuanwu District,…

    May 7, 2022 travel