• Liaoning Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot

    Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot is located in Benxi Manchu Autonomous County, Benxi City, Liaoning Province. It is a large limestone water filled karst cave formed fourorfive million years ago and belongs to a typical high latitude karst landform. There are two caves in the cave: water diversion and drought. The drought cave is oval shaped, like a coiled dragon, connected end to end, also known as the coiled dragon cave. With a total length of 5800 meters, the water cave has been developed for 2800 meters, with a total…

    May 29, 2022 travel
  • Has the earth been carefully designed? Can the cave murals 10000 years ago reveal the answer?

    The beginning of human civilization should begin with the emergence of words, that is, about Seven or eight thousand years Time of day. Before that, human records could only be passed on by word of mouth, tying ropes and depicting symbols Knot notes Among them, murals can make us intuitively understand the living state of early human beings and the living environment at that time. Do you know the earliest period that murals can be recorded According to the exploration of scientists, The prehistoric murals discovered at present occurred in…

    May 23, 2022 science
  • A family of five generations in Guizhou has lived in seclusion in a cave for 100 years. They don’t move for money. Now they have installed networks and household appliances

    Our country’s poverty alleviation work has been carried out vigorously, helping the poor improve their living conditions, In Leshan town, Guizhou, there is a family still living in a cave. The state pays for it or doesn’t move. Why Taohuayuan Most areas of Guizhou Province belong to karst landform. There are many caves and many tourist attractions have been developed. In a cave in Leshan town, there is still a family who has lived here for 100 years and has lived here for five generations, Now Zhu Yingguo and his…

    May 20, 2022 travel
  • New discoveries in cave Archaeology and the mystery of human evolution

    Researchers began digging Cobra caves in northern Laos in 2018 Archaeologists found a tooth in a remote cave in Laos, which may open an unknown chapter in the story of human evolution The tooth belongs to a young woman who lived at least 130000 years ago. Archaeologists believe it is likely to be Denisova Denisovan— A mysterious group of early humans first discovered in 2010 This lower molar is the first fossil to prove that denisovans lived in Southeast Asia. It may help solve the mystery that has long plagued…

    May 17, 2022 science
  • Is the earth a well-designed home? Cave murals 10000 years ago may reveal the answer

    According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, everything is constantly developing and evolving, and so is mankind. From the early Homo sapiens, Lantian ape man, Peking ape man and mountaintop cave man discovered in China to today’s us, mankind has undergone earth shaking changes in the long years. At the same time, mankind has also become the master of the earth and created its own civilization But even today, when science and technology are so developed, there are still many mysteries. After all, there are still many blank periods in the…

    May 8, 2022 science