• Captured soldiers on the battlefield

    angry people vent their dissatisfaction with the prisoners two Ukrainian soldiers provide fire support to the front positions the Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russian soldiers were not abused at the scene, on the battlefield, the Ukrainian female soldier took a picture in front of the T72 tank. I wonder what her fate will be like tomorrow and whether she will be able to get off the battlefield alive

    May 28, 2022 military
  • Putin will officially declare war in a few days? The Canadian lieutenant general may be captured, and the west is worried that Biden may step down

    The situation in Russia and Ukraine is still uncertain. Russia has not achieved the goal of quick decision. Some analysts predict that Putin will officially announce the end of the conflict on the victory day of the 9th, but this speculation seems impossible at present. Many US politicians believe that Putin will officially declare war in a few days. Prior to this, Russia has always stressed that its visit to Ukraine is “ Special military operations;, Not “ War CNN reported on May 3 that Putin is likely to choose…

    May 9, 2022 military