• The story of Meiyan capsule

    My name is Kun Kun. I’m a child in a big mountain Inferiority is the brand engraved in the heart of every ugly girl Because of my life experience, I always envy the life of children in the city People are like this. It’s easy to lower their heads and difficult to raise their heads. The seeds of inferiority have been planted since the moment I walked out of the mountain village. I have tried countless ways to get rid of this trouble. I have tried to imitate their make-up,…

    May 25, 2022 fashion
  • Etroliquidpaisley mobile Paisley capsule series appreciation

    Yang Mi, the global spokesperson of Etro, paired with etroliquidpaisley mobile Paisley capsule series, it’s too fashionable to wear it in olive green summer! Japanese model Michi freely deduces the etroliquidpaisley mobile Paisley capsule series. The bright yellow suit is matched with the vibrant fisherman’s hat and tote bag to condense the elegant demeanor in summer. Japanese twin model amiaya_Tokyo fun interpretation of etroliquidpaisley mobile pesley capsule series, sunshine yellow pesley clothes and casual tote bag, fresh and lively, soft Cherry Blossom powder superimposed with metal rivets, sweet and cool,…

    May 18, 2022 fashion