• Capital science lecture hall Preview – why should we build a space station

    A few days ago, the astronauts of Shenzhou 13 returned home smoothly, and the verification of key technologies of China’s space station ended perfectly. The latest copy of the construction of China’s Space Station “ Schedule ” And “ Roadmap ” It was also officially announced that after the completion of the on orbit construction of the space station this year, the preliminary plan is to launch two manned spacecraft and two cargo spacecraft every year. Astronauts will stay in orbit for a long time, and China’s manned spaceflight will…

    May 12, 2022 science
  • China’s love capital ▏ a resort praised repeatedly by Fang Qi Kiki, the owner of wanwanwang Hongbo

    recently Travel blogger Fang Qi with tens of millions of fans The video of punching in Pingtan was released in Tiktok Released soon It has aroused the pursuit and hot discussion of countless netizens 300000 + likes in a short time In the video, Fang Qi visited 68 nautical mile scenic spot The most beautiful island ring road Yangtze River, Australia, windmill field and other places Pingtan in Fang Qi’s eyes “ The weather in Kenting, which I yearned for when I was 18, was fine &rdquo “ Willing to…

    May 10, 2022 travel
  • Capital Institute of Physical Education – Zhu Yifan

    Capital Institute of Physical Education Zhu Yifan 170 50kg 84 65 92 Like traveling

    May 9, 2022 travel