• Lung cancer, she said: Director, let me tell you a magical thing

    “relatives came to my house to see me, saying that I am much better now than half a year ago, and I am much more energetic”. During the follow-up visit, Ms. Li said happily to me. about a year ago, Ms. Li was diagnosed with lung cancer. She said that when the doctor told her the result, her heart was really restless for a long time, like a bolt from the blue. Ms. Li said: Fortunately, her husband and high school children have always been around to encourage her to…

    June 1, 2022 health
  • Good body, why can you get cancer? A group of cartoons reveal the whole process of cancer

    People say that cancer generally refers to all malignant tumors. The reason is that normal cells are mutated into cancer cells by physical, chemical, viral and other carcinogenic factors Cancer cells are transformed from normal cells and are the source of cancer. Different from normal cells, cancer cells have three characteristics: unlimited proliferation, transformation and easy metastasis It can proliferate indefinitely, destroy normal cells and tissues, locally invade surrounding normal tissues, and even transfer to other parts of the body through the circulatory system or lymphatic system Cancer, cardiovascular disease,…

    May 30, 2022 health
  • 33 year old Fudan female teacher died of cancer. Reflection before death: four habits or accomplices, take warning

    “ Let’s move the Norwegian forest home” In 2011, Fudan female teacher Yu Juan died of cancer. Now 11 years have passed. Yu Juan’s mother turned a barren mountain in Shandong into a green mountain When Yu Juan was young, she studied in Norway and lived near Oslo lake. There was a large green forest nearby. After taking her mother to visit, she smiled and said that she would move the Norwegian forest back to China The original joke, unexpectedly, became the spiritual sustenance of a sad mother after her…

    May 23, 2022 health
  • How to live after cancer

    I’m only 33, I’m only 33, I’m only 33 First of all, thank you for your interest in my content. I sigh at the injustice of fate, but what can I do Now that the operation is over and the chemotherapy is over, I’m glad I’m still alive But it needs to be reviewed at different times, but what about my family ……………

    May 21, 2022
  • Colon cancer is the easiest to find six types of people! Do this examination regularly to find out early and prevent cancer

    The National Cancer Center released the cancer data of 2015 in 2019: 388000 new cases of colorectal cancer, accounting for 9.87%! The incidence rate of colon cancer increased significantly in urban areas China’s incidence rate is on the rise as a whole, but the age of onset is getting younger. In first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it is possible to surpass lung cancer and become the new king of cancer Unclean defecation, frequent defecation and bleeding during defecation! Be aware that it may be colorectal…

    May 18, 2022 health
  • Bracken, is it “health” or “cancer”? The sooner the results are published, the better

    Spring is the golden time to eat wild vegetables. There are many wild vegetables in the green fields. Wild vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and a variety of nutrients beneficial to the body. Eating more wild vegetables can improve the speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion, moisten the intestines and defecate, and improve the immune function of the body# Aile health care # As a kind of wild vegetables, pteridophyte is widely distributed in all parts of China, mainly produced in the Yangtze River Basin and North China. Pteridophyte…

    May 10, 2022 health
  • Men suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma, do 6 times of chemotherapy and 32 times of radiotherapy! The doctor regretted that cancer should not be regarded as rhinitis

    “ My father used to weigh more than 160 kg, but now he weighs less than 100 kg. He lost his teeth in his mouth and couldn’t hear his left ear” When talking about her father’s illness, Ms. Liu couldn’t hide her sadness Father Usually the physical quality is very good, even a cold is rare , Some time ago From time to time, I feel stuffy nose, itchy and sneezing , But my father thought it was rhinitis, so he didn’t care much A few days ago, Ms. Liu…

    May 10, 2022 health
  • Four kinds of vegetables have been included in the “list of carcinogens”? Fake! These foods are prone to cancer

    Four vegetables have been listed in “ List of carcinogens;? Don’t be fooled Recently, many online articles say “ Four kinds of vegetables have been included in the list of carcinogens by the World Health Organization. You should eat less;, In this article, the baby vegetables, black fungus, tomatoes and lentils are labeled with “ Carcinogen ” Is this true or false 1. Baby vegetable contains formaldehyde, which will cause cancer It is said that some unscrupulous businesses soaked baby vegetables in formaldehyde in order to make them look better…

    May 9, 2022 health