• The heat will advance to the East showdown again after two years and will face the winners of bucks and Celtics

    On May 13, in Game 6 of the eastern semi-finals of the NBA playoffs, the heat defeated 76 people 99-90 away and advanced to the eastern finals by 4-2 points. This is also the heat’s promotion to the eastern Finals again after two years since 2020 The heat’s opponents in the eastern finals will be the winners of the bucks and Celtics. At present, the bucks are leading 3-2

    May 12, 2022
  • It was 2-2 again, and the Bucks, who were ahead of the whole game, were badly reversed in the last quarter

    Yesterday, the sun and the lone ranger drew 2-2, and the old gun 6 left early; Coincidentally, the heat drew 2-2 with Philadelphia So I thought today’s game wouldn’t be a 2-2 situation? A look, the green army reversed the bucks at the end of the quarter, and the big score came to 2-2! This… A wave of 2-2-2 for the grizzly bear! Let’s watch the game between the green army and the bucks In the first quarter, the Bucks established the leading edge early. In the second quarter, although…

    May 9, 2022 sports
  • Tatum 30 + 13 + 5, hofford 16 points at the end of the quarter, and the Celtics beat the bucks to equalize the score

    In today’s eastern semi-finals, the Bucks, third in the East, played the Celtics, second in the East. In the end, the Celtics defeated the Bucks 116-108 away, equalizing 2-2. Allen Lopez and alphabet brother both scored. The Bucks started 6-0. Howard Brown responded with jump shots, but Matthews missed 10 points after hitting three points. Tatum CIC and Horford responded with three points, and the letter brother responded with consecutive scores; Finally, the Bucks led 25-18 in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Jay Brown scored continuously, Gewei and…

    May 9, 2022
  • 30 points to win, 14 points to refuse to reverse! Warriors and bucks are getting better. The sun heat should be careful

    The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and the eastern and Western semi-finals are wonderful. The Suns, the heat, the lone Rangers and the 76ers all won at home, and the trend of the series is still uncertain; Both warriors and bucks stole a victory on the road and took the lead in the series. After a short break, the League arranged two more duels today. The specific battle conditions are: the warriors beat the Grizzlies 142-112 and the Bucks narrowly beat the Celtics 103-101. In this way, there are…

    May 8, 2022 sports
  • The last 0.1 second lost the Bucks, the penalty is too controversial! Tatum carries the pot. It’s hard next

    On May 8, the bucks and Celtics ushered in the third game, after the two teams drew 1-1. When this game comes to the Bucks’ home court, the letter is bound to give a strong response. Sure enough, although the scores of the two teams were very close at the beginning, the Bucks gradually opened the difference from the third quarter, and the green army caught up with the score in the last quarter. Unfortunately, hofford’s make-up shot was overtime at the last moment. Finally, the Bucks narrowly defeated the…

    May 7, 2022