• How many nuclear bombs can destroy an island country of 378000 square kilometers?

    as the saying goes,”nuclear bombs can be dispensed with, but they cannot be dispensed with”, which implies the great power of nuclear bombs. So far, among all the weapons made by mankind, the nuclear bomb is the most powerful. It can cause great damage and its lethality is devastating. Because of this, the nuclear bomb has become a weapon that cannot be easily used. nuclear bomb nuclear bomb, also known as nuclear weapon, is a special weapon. It can use the huge energy released by explosive nuclear reaction (nuclear fission…

    May 27, 2022 military
  • Three flights to Moscow were loaded with bombs, and the information was untrue

    On the 16th local time, the Russian government said that three planes flying to Moscow “ Bomb threat ” The information is not true. At present, all aircraft have landed safely and accepted the investigation, and no explosives or detonating devices have been found. Earlier in the day, # Anonymous phone calls said there were bombs on two planes flying to Moscow #。 The crew of an airliner flying from UFA to Moscow also received similar information Source: CCTV military

    May 16, 2022